Wrestlingworth Lower School

School Day

Start time: 9:00am  (gate opens 8:45am)
Finish time: 3:30pm
Total hours for the week: 32.5 hours

Squirrel Class

We welcome our youngest children into the school in Squirrel class.

The classroom faces on to the secure playground and children enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. The staff plan activities to develop the interests of the children and to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Acorn Class

The children move into Key Stage 1 for Years 1 and 2. The Acorns classroom is conveniently located next to the Squirrels.

Pupil work is planned to deliver the National Curriculum through cross-curricular topics with an emphasis on practical as well as written activities.

Oak Class

Oak Class is our Key Stage 2 Class and covers both Years 3 and 4 with children aged 7 to 9 years.

The year 3 children have a smooth transition from Year 2 as they have already worked with the older year group in year 1.

The children continue to learn the National Curriculum. Topics are carefully chosen to interest the children.


Headteacher: Mr David Bower

Head of School: Mrs Maria Poultney

Senior Leadership Team: Mr David Bower, Mrs Maria Poultney, Mrs Kate Millard

Leader of Teaching and Learning: Mrs Kate Millard



Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Maria Poultney

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Kate Millard

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr David Bower



Mrs Maria Poultney – send@duntonwrestlingworth.co.uk


Office Staff

School Secretaries: Mrs Sue Perry

Teaching Staff

Reception Teacher – Squirrel Class

Mrs Kate Millard

KS1 Teacher – Acorn Class

Miss Delcie Webb 

 KS2 Teacher – Oak Class

Mrs Rebekah Lucas

Teaching Support

Acorn Class

Mrs Bev Hall 

Oak Class

Mrs Kim Knibbs PT

Squirrel Class and Oak Class

Miss Natalie Burton 

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Kim Knibbs
Mrs Sarah Martindale


After school club

Tree House

Mr Stephen Poultney