Our Values

Autumn Term Values

September: Bravery/Courage,  October: Love/Friendship,  November: Respect, December: Happiness

Spring Term Values

January: Determination/Perseverance,  February: Honesty,  March: Forgiveness 

Summer Term Values

April: Fairness/Justice,  May: Kindness/Compassion, June: Trust, July:        Co-operation/Teamwork

Christian Values

The children at our schools are proud to live by our Christian Values.  Values Education has been practiced for more than 30 years and is used across the world, eg in New Zealand, America and Zimbabwe. It is commonly used in many schools in the UK. It is not a subject that is ‘taught’ but underpins all that we do.  As church schools the Values we choose reflect our Christian character and distinctiveness

We focus on Christian Values in Collective Worship as well as across curriculum areas and at playtimes. It is a whole school ethos. It is something that is lived out and seen as you walk around the school, the way that the children and staff conduct themselves, talk to each other and treat each other. It is embedded in the curriculum, e.g. sharing equipment in Science, working as a team in PE, looking after someone who is lonely or hurt in the playground, having the confidence to speak to the class, developing positive friendships and being able to listen to others.

We believe Values are important as they help the children to be more aware of themselves and others, communicate more effectively, build social skills, value themselves, others and the environment and develop a sense of responsibility. Children also learn to express themselves more clearly, develop self-control and learn to emphasise with others. Values Education helps children to develop as responsible citizens as well as learning to be a good role model for society.

They are a positive way of maintaining and celebrating the good behaviour we have at both schools.

One Value is focussed on for each month. The children enjoy using the language of Values as well as demonstrating them.  The Values contribute to the Christian character of our school.