Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum


Every child is inspired to achieve within our safe and happy school.  We teach children to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.  Nurturing relationships are built between school, home, Church and community. Everyone is valued and able to grow in the love of God.

Our school vision is lived through a curriculum that develops:

  • Children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and decision making through Values Education
  • Children’s love of the natural world through quality opportunities to  learn outside and benefit from our rural surroundings
  • Children’s creativity by giving them chances to express themselves
  • Individual children’s ability to discover and develop their skills and talents through our academic and wider curriculum

In order to fulfil our curriculum vision we have carefully selected schemes of work as resources which enable our children to learn sequential knowledge and skills as well as working in a cross curricular, creative way.  Our curriculum covers all of the programmes of study within the National Curriculum and continues to evolve to meet the needs and interests of our children.

Hamilton Trust Planning (Science, Geography, History, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Applied Computing)

We have chosen to use Hamilton Trust planning as a resource  to teach these subjects because it offers exciting and creative topic areas allowing children to develop their skills and talents. Some of the topics are able to include outside learning.


We use a Letters and Sounds based approach to the teaching of phonics.  To deliver this we us Pearson’s Bug Club Phonics. Children are taught the phases building on previous knowledge.  As they progress through the school children select fiction, non-fiction and poetry books from colour bands, these are linked initially to the phonic phases.  Children are also read to by adults from high quality texts and have the opportunity to read in groups.

We use Hamilton Trust planning to deliver text based teaching of writing, reading, grammar and punctuation that enables children to build on their knowledge and skills.  We also seek cross-curricular links for children to further develop their creativity.

Our teaching of handwriting uses the Penpals scheme which builds children’s skills from Reception to Year 4 facilitating children’s recording across the whole curriculum.

Purple Mash is used for spelling which builds on links to phonic knowledge through to groups of words.


Our schools follow the Maths for Mastery approach and use White Rose planning to support this.  Children benefit from a wide range of interactive and practical resources enabling them to gain knowledge and use it effectively to increase fluency and problem solve.


Teachers use a variety of schemes and resources to support their teaching of the National Curriculum programmes of study.  In addition our subscription to the local School Sports Partnership allows children to access to both intra and inter-school competitions and experience a wider variety of sports.  Teachers are also supported by the partnership through specialist CPD.


As a Central Bedfordshire maintained school we follow the agreed syllabus for Central Bedfordshire, Beds Borough and Luton.  As explained in the syllabus:

The RE syllabus uses a multi-dimensional model of religions and worldviews, and of RE itself. Learners explore questions of identity: who am I? Where do I fit in? What influences shape me? They discover a range of accounts of the meanings humans find in life, developing their own sense of meaning, and they consider how human values are often common and humane, but also often distinctive in the ways they are expressed and practised.

As a Church school we also integrate the Understanding Christianity resource into the syllabus.


In order to have a cohesive scheme of work which supports children’s social and moral development we have chosen to use the PSHE programme of study.  The overarching concepts allow us to develop our learner’s perceptions of themselves and others as well as building resilience, in a holistic way.


Our Values Education permeates the whole school ethos with values being taught in Collective Worship and recognised throughout the day.  Values Education gives children a social, moral and spiritual framework to shape their actions and behaviour towards others.

We have enrichment activities on Friday afternoons which supports our delivery of our vision with children learning about the environment and nature using our rural surroundings.  They also experience creative activities allowing skills, talents and resilience to develop.  The children are grouped vertically allowing all age groups to mix and support each other, developing teamwork and forming friendships across the year groups.


KEY STAGE 1 Curriculum Overview 2020

LOWER KEY STAGE 2 Curriculum Overview 2020