Dunton and Wrestlingworth Church of England VC Lower Schools Federation 'Believing and Achieving Together'
Dunton and Wrestlingworth Church of England VC Lower Schools Federation                                'Believing and Achieving Together'

Dunton and Wrestlingworth Church of England VC Lower Schools Federation

Believing and Achieving Together

Our Vision

Every child is inspired to achieve within our safe and happy school.  We teach children to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.  Nurturing relationships are built between school, home, Church and community. Everyone is valued and able to grow in the love of God.


Both schools have a high reputation for their caring, inclusive family ethos based on Christian values. Our Christian ethos encourages kind, thoughtful, responsible behaviour and, within our supportive community, everyone's contribution is valued.


At Dunton and Wrestlingworth Schools we aim to develop the whole child:


  • To recognise and encourage talents and skills of all kinds and to develop independent learners.


  • To provide a curriculum which is innovative, rich and varied and makes children excited about their learning.


  • To continually look at our changing world and environment, and update the units of work to cover important issues, such as global development and sustainability.


  • To enhance learning through the use of bright, stimulating resources and modern technology with excellent IT facilities in each classroom.


  • To further enhance the curriculum through visits and visitors, school trips and special activity weeks.


  • To set challenging targets for each pupil and to constantly track and assess pupil progress.


  • To closely monitor our Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils and provide additional support for learning to ensure progression.


  • To help children to develop self-discipline and to have respect for others.


  • To recognise and reward good behaviour in all aspects of school life which encourages higher standards and raises self-esteem.


  • To acknowledge differences and similarities of culture, language and religion.


  • To provide Religious Education as part of the curriculum and in accordance with the agreed syllabus.
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