Phonics and Reading

EYFS Phonics

In Reception children are taught phonics daily. Our teaching is based on Letters and Sounds. We use Jolly Phonics and Phonics Play resources. The variety of resources allows us to tailor our approach to the current cohort of children. As they begin to read the children start to progress through the colour bands as outlined below under Reading.

Year 1 Phonics

In Year 1 phonics and reading teaching continues on from the children’s reception year. Sessions are taught regularly throughout the week using a variety of resources.

Phonics Play

Please see letter below congratulating DuntonVC Lower School on achieving 100% in the 2017 Phonics Check. This puts us in the top 3% of primary/lower schools in the country:

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP Phonics letter

Throughout the school our reading books are colour banded. Books at the same reading difficulty level from different schemes including fiction and non-fiction are put together in a colour band.

Below are documents which show the expectations of how children progress through the Letters and Sounds phonics and our book bands as they go through our school. The first is a whole school overview and the second shows more detail for Reception and Key Stage 1.