At Dunton and Wrestlingworth Schools we work together to strengthen our diverse community, through our common vision for excellence in education and relationships.

We acknowledge differences and similarities of culture, language and religion. Our parents and local community help us to achieve this goal.

We also enhance our community cohesion with visits to museums, galleries, theatres and places of worship.  We work with local organisations and people to help support our curriculum.

We are proud to be a member of the Biggleswade Community Union of Schools.  This means we work closely with the lower, middle and upper schools in the Biggleswade area ensuring a smooth transition as our children continue their educational journey.  We are also able to share expertise and resources across the schools in our partnership.

Links with our Churches

Our links with our local Churches are very important and we have a close working relationship with our Vicar. As Church of England Voluntary Controlled schools our governing body has a fixed number of members nominated by the Anglican Church to ensure a strong Christian ethos.

Acts of Worship are of a Christian character and are held on a daily basis.  Our Vicar holds a service one morning a week, with staff or children leading these on the other days.  Regular visits are made to the Churches for services, festivals and other special occasions.

Religious Education is provided for all pupils as part of the curriculum and is in accordance with the agreed syllabus.  We welcome families of all faiths or none, therefore if parents wish their children to be withdrawn from either assemblies or Religious Education this can be arranged.

Parents and Friends

The parents’ association represents and supports parents in their concerns. They carry out various projects that we are unable to able to carry out on our own, for example raising funds for the renovation of the common rooms or helping to provide technical equipment for the school.